Advantages of Accreditation

JABEE supports fostering international professionals and to contribute to the development of the society and industry through the accreditation of education programs in engineering, agricultural and science departments in higher education institutions.

JABEE’s Accreditation is the third-party accreditation. In the third-party accreditation, the education institution is required to publicize the learning outcomes and to ensure the accountability to the society. Also the responsibility of education is relied on organization such as, the department, but not the individual faculty member. The first advantage is the fact that the program has been accredited by the third-party.

Evaluation focuses on the reform towards outcomes-based education, educational improvement by the PDCA cycle, engineering design education and teamwork education, which are specifically important for professional education. The second advantage is that the education is improved through accreditation.

JABEE accreditation Criteria has been made by taking consideration of the concept of the Washington Accord which is an international framework of engineering education accreditation and JABEE accredited programs are recognized as internationally equivalent. This is the third advantage. The international recognition is an effective support for JABEE program graduates to continue studying or to work abroad in the future. Foreign students, who wish to study engineering in Japan, are gradually choosing JABEE accredited programs. If the program is not accredited by JABEE, the degree earned by them are not linked to the qualification of professional engineer in their counties. The admission of more foreign students is important for the development and internationalization of the university.

Non-JABEE accredited program graduates have to take the first step evaluation of national professional engineer evaluation, whereas, JABEE graduates are exempted. It is a big burden to prepare years after graduation while working for the first step evaluation which is composed of academic elements. Exemption is another advantage.